Split CheckList

Simple Checklist to go over for splits computers.

admin.athletic.live page

LIF Machines

  • Link for LIF Machine information
  • Name: *This will match with the name designated in localhost:8150
    • Suggested Names: finish, split1, split2, etc.
  • Split Numbers: Start with 0. Separate with , and space

Manage Events

  • Set Split Names: This will show as the split titles on each event.
  • Define LIF Machines per-race override if necessary


Choose active meet

  • Show Splits

FinishLynx XC LIF Connection Settings

Setup a Live XC Scoreboard with FinishLynx LIFs

  • LIF Directory: This is where the Race Video Files are saved. This is the same as the path set in FinishLynx

On the subsequent screen, enter the LIF Machine name exactly as you entered it into the AthleticLIVE Meet Administration Portal. In the LIF Directory field, enter the file path where FinishLynx is saving the LIFs. It can be found in FinishLynx options, here:

  • LIF Machine Name: *These were assigned by you earlier in the LIF Machine tab of admin.athletic.live


Hidden Settings Checklist

  • Database -> LIF -> AutoSave = 5
  • Scoreboards -> Port Buffer Size = 32768
  • Event -> Results -> Delta -> Defaults -> From = 0
  • LapTime ->TotalLaps -> Change the value from 0 to a number high enough that you will not run out of slots for split points while timing.

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