AthleticSB - Compiled Results Board

Display compiled result standings or team scores for any event using online data from the compiled event instead of the current live race.

The Compiled Results Board requires the computer to be on an internet connection.

Results: Shows real-time standings while the event is in progress (including qualifier Q and q) and final standings once final results have been uploaded.

Creating a new board

  1. From the homepage, scroll to the Compiled Results section and click "Create" on the right side.
  2. If you want to see your changes immediately, click "Open Test Board" to open a board with test data. You can immediately see how your changes affect the board as you change sizes, colors, and options.

Display Settings

All scoreboards use the same display settings. Click here to read Display Setting documentation.

Choose an Event or Team Score

After you create your board, follow these steps to show results.

  1. At the top of the homepage, select your meet.
  2. Locate your board on the AthleticSB Homepage
  3. Click the "Set Data" button
  4. Choose "Final Result" or "Team Score"
  5. A list of events or score types will appear. Select one. If there is any data, it will show on your board.

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