What's New in AthleticLIVE 3.0

AthleticLIVE 3.0 is live! We've rebuilt the app from the ground up in a modern platform to take the live results experience to the next level. Here's a quick summary of the coolest new features.

What's New

Quickly Find a Meet

The new homepage of AthleticLIVE shows today's meets. Quickly filter by date, event name, or location. When there are many meets on a day, it is much easier to find what you're looking for.

Retooled In-Meet Navigation

Navigation within a meet has been rebuilt from scratch, and has different views on mobile and desktop.

On mobile, use the bottom bar to switch between events, live data, and team scores (if applicable).

When you are within Events, Live, or Scores sections, quickly navigate within sections at the bottom of the page.

On desktop, the first sidebar links to specific sections. The second sidebar allows simple navigation within that section.

Searching for meets now returns most recent meets first.

Searching for events is much easier. You can type "60 p" to get to the 60m Prelims, regardless of how the name is formatted.

On mobile or desktop, you can access a quick search in the sidebar or through the header.

Follow Athletes, Teams, and Event

AthleticLIVE integrates with the AthleticNET follow system so you can get quick access to the athletes and teams you care about. When logged in, the meet homepage will display your followed athletes, teams, and events.

On any athlete, team, or event page, click the star to follow. You can also opt for meet-specific email or text notificatiosn when new results are uploaded.

Live Dashboard

View all live events happening right now in the "Live" section. Access them from the bottom of the screen on mobile. Swiftly move back and forth between live events

Dark Mode

Speaks for itself!

What's Next

This is just the beginning. AthleticLIVE 3.0 unlocks the potential for many features we couldn't build in 2.0 due to technical constraints. We can't wait to share these new features with you as we continue our quest to build the world's best live results platform!

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