Athletic Hosted Virtual Events: Rules and FAQs

How Does this Work?

Check out this video about how to compete in a virtual meet:

Participation Terms and Conditions

  • It is strongly advised that you get the permission of your parent/guardian before participating in this event.
  • We strongly advise that you participate in this event only with people in your immediate household or those your household approves. This goes for people helping to time or measure you too! The videos you submit (more info below) must demonstrate proper social distancing to be counted in the results.
  • Social distancing while competing with teammates is nearly impossible, so we expect all these to be individual events.
  • Proper behavior is required.
  • Please respect all facility closures in your area. If you must enter a closed facility to complete an event, do not compete in that event.

Registration and Participation Details

  1. Download AthleticAPP from App Store or Google Play.
  2. Sign in with your account - or create an account if you haven't already.
  3. Request a team code from your coach and enter that code into AthleticAPP to associate yourself with your team. Some of you may receive this if you've already completed steps 1 and 2.
  4. Use the mobile app or the website to visit the Register page to enter yourself into events. There is no limit. 
  5. Compete in an event taking photo or video proof and then enter it in the AthleticApp on your phone.
    • Tap the "bell" icon at the bottom.
    • Select the correct meet.
    • Tap the event, enter your mark and upload the photo or video.
  6. Evidence:
    • Use Videos for everything except the events that are 1 Mile and longer. The video must show the full running time of the event and not stop.
    • For events 1 Mile and longer, you can submit a photo of a GPS watch showing the time for the distance.

Event Competition Rules

  • All competition must take place during the submission window.
  • Results from events contested before the beginning of the submission window will be marked as invalid
  • For races shorter than 1 mile:
    • If event is completed on an open track, a video must show the whole event.
    • If event is not completed on a track, photo evidence of a GPS device showing time and distance is acceptable
    Tips for the Starter:
    • Start the watch from the finish line and shout loud enough for the runner to hear you.
    • Start the watch when you say “Go!”—not when you see movement.
    • Start recording, then hold the phone in one hand and the stopwatch in the other. After that, start the runner. Try to keep both the runner and stopwatch in the video frame during the entire race, like shown below.
  • Races 1 mile and longer:
    • Valid evidence requires a photo of a GPS watch or app showing distance and time
    • Should be done off the track, away from people, on a flat trail or safe roadway.
  • All Field Events/Wall Sits/Plank
    • A video is required and must show the entire duration of the event.
    • For field events, be sure to show the measurement.
  • Standing Long Jump
    • Spotter should be ready with tape measure already extended so the video can capture the landing
  • Standing Triple Jump
    • There are many techniques for this event. We're doing the version starting from both feet:


How do I register?

All entrants will register using the registration link on the meet page. This can be accessed using AthleticAPP. See the video at the top of this page for more details.

How do I submit results?

Download the AthleticAPP to post your results.

  • Use your account to login
  • When you register for an event, you will receive a notification in the app to post your results
  • Click the notification for instructions on posting your result and evidence
  • Evidence can be in the form of a video (do this for all shorter distances and field events), photo of your GPS tracking stats (do this for longer distances). And coming very soon, you will have the option of recording your run and GPS tracking directly in the AthleticAPP.

Why is the time I submitted different in the final results?

All times submitted will be considered hand times and will be rounded up to the nearest tenth and converted as follows:

  • Races under 300 meters: 0.24 seconds will be added
  • Races 300 meters up to (but not including) 800 meters: 0.14 seconds will be added
  • Races 800 meters and above: No further conversion factor will be added

Please see Hand Time Conversion Standards for further details.

What is results moderation and how does it work?

Each result submitted will be reviewed by the meet host and then marked as Verified or Invalid. If an athlete registers for the meet as a member of their team (and has connected to the team on AthleticAPP), the team's coaches will be able to moderate their athletes' results.

Does my coach need to register me?

No. Every virtual event will allow for both individual registration and team-connected registration. As an individual, you can register for this meet at any time before the submission window closes. To register as competing for your team, your coach will need to add the virtual event to the team's calendar, and then give you the team code so you can connect to the team via AthleticAPP. Once these steps are accomplished, you can choose to register as either unattached, or as a member of your team.

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