EMMxc Scenario Summary

The EMMxc will handle these different scenarios.  Contact us if you have a question about its capabilities.

Race/Scoring Organization

Scores 5 athletes, with next 2 displacing, or 4 athletes, with next 2 displacing.

Standard 5 athletes scoring follows NFHS rules for cross-country. 

Simple Scoring Mode: Run athletes in separate races at different times, and score athletes in the race they ran in.

Advanced Scoring Mode:

  • Split Race: Run athletes in one race at one time, and then score athletes in numerous separate scoring divisions
  • Merge Race: Run athletes in separate races at different times, and then score athletes in one scoring division
  • Merge Schools: Allow schools to be scored against other schools (i.e., dual style scoring)

There are obviously numerous combinations of the three scenarios above, all of which the EMMxc will handle (i.e. run several races, but have many more scoring divisions).

Time Entry

Use separate timing system—either hand or automatic, and then enter times into EMMxc. Note that you can copy and paste these times into the EMMxc.

Finish Order Entry

  1. Recommended: Use athlete labels printed via the EMMxc label templates along with a barcode scanner
  2. Use athlete number to enter athletes
  3. Select athlete names from a dropdown list

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