Uploading Cross Country Results #2: Upload Tab

Uploading Cross Country Results
 1. Overview
 ——  2. Upload Tab  —— 
3. Race Divisions 

On the Upload Results page, you will start on the Upload tab. Click the Upload a file button and upload your complete results file in any of Athletic.net's accepted formats. For a list of acceptable results formats, see Accepted Formats. In addition to the computer generated formats that can be uploaded, Athletic.net is capable of parsing many printed formats such as those produced by assorted software. If you have printed results (in PDF format), you can try copying-and-pasting them into the Paste Results box.

Once the file has uploaded, check to make sure that divisions are matched up properly. They will automatically match up if you matched the division IDs on the Manage Meet page with the ones used in your meet management software.

If your divisions do not match, click to find instructions on editing your Race Divisions.

Once this step is complete, you can click Next and move on to the Teams tab.

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