Estimating Text Message Pricing for Enterprise Customers

One of AthleticLIVE's most popular features is allowing spectators to register for text messages whenever a new athlete, event, or team gets a new result. We use Twilio, the market leader in programmatic text messaging, to promptly deliver text messages to your spectators.

As of January 2021, we no longer include text message costs in the Pro package. This should decrease your overall AthleticLIVE quarterly spend. Enterprise timers pay only for the text messages they send at any given meet.

Most meets send fewer than $2 worth of text messages. This page helps you estimate how much you can expect to spend on text message notifications. These estimates assume that you've marketed this feature at least once to any given meet.

Meet Type

Estimated Spend

Dual/Tri Meet


Small Invite (< 20 teams)


Large Invite (> 20 teams)


Small Championship Meet


Large or Major Championship Meet


Large USATF/AAU Meet

$15 - $50 or more depending on size

These are only estimates. Spend will vary based on usage. The average text message costs $0.0095 (roughly $1 per 100 text messages). If you read Twilio's SMS price guide, you'll see that each 160-character segment costs $0.0075. Some text messages can be two segments long, and the average notification is 1.26 segments long.

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