LynxPad Results

LynxPad is a supported format if you export the proper type of results. The first word of each event title MUST BE either Men or Women as shown for the 1500 below.  The Shot Put and Pole Vault as shown below will not work correctly as we will not pick up the gender of athletes correctly.

In older versions of Lynx Pad you use the following instructions:Select All > export data > ok

Choose Separated Values (CSV) from the file type choices. Click OK

Click OK

Save and then Upload the resulting file.

In Newer versions of Lynx Pad (as of 3.21 for sure), you use these instructions:Select All > Preview

Click on export button top left side

Name the file and select CSV.

With either version, after export you will get a csv file to upload and once uploaded preview of the parse should look like this:The file should parse fine (see parse view):

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