Lock or Unlock Single-Team Registration

Did one of the teams attending your meet miss the registration deadline? Does a coach need to make an edit? As a meet host, you can control each team's ability to edit their entries individually.

The features described here depend on having set a Meet Entry Deadline, which is a feature specific to Team Site Supporters. Becoming a Site Supporter unlocks a host of useful options if you host meets. Learn more!

If you need to unlock a team's registration so that they can make an edit, find the meet on your team's calendar and then click  Manage Meet.

From the top of the page, choose  Participants. Once the registration deadline has passed, you'll see a lock icon () displayed next to each team:

Remember, these lock icons won't be visible until after the registration deadline has passed.

To unlock a particular team's registration once the deadline has passed, click on the lock icon. You'll be presented with the following choices:

You can choose to unlock registration for the whole team, or a single gender. Lock Registration will re-lock the team's registration after you've manually unlocked it.

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