Abbreviations and Symbols

Records/ Performances

PR—Personal Record

SR—Season Record

*—Recent Improvement


NT—No Time (either not available or not known)

NH—No Height (vertical jump events such as High Jump and Pole Vault)

ND—No Distance (throwing and horizontal jump events)



DNF—Did Not Finish

DNS—Did Not Start

DNR—Did Not Run

Timing Methods

FAT—Fully Automatic Timing

a—Result produced by FAT system (automatic)

h—Unconverted, hand-timed result


(x.xx)—Wind reading in meters per second. Negative values indicate head wind.

c—Converted time. For all performance lists, has chosen to convert all hand timed results into values that are generally accepted as being comparable to FAT times using the Track and Field News conversion method. For more information, see Hand Time Conversion Standards.

Coaches are instructed NOT to perform any conversions prior to entering marks into Conversions are automatically performed on all marks in a consistent fashion. This helps insure that the conversions are done correctly, and that the performance lists are as fair as possible

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