Custom Format for Cross Country

If you're not using meet management software to manage results for your Cross Country meet, you can use's custom format to easily load results. The custom format for cross country consists of a very simple spreadsheet. You can download a template of this spreadsheet here (Microsoft Excel format). Each row represents an athlete. Columns marked as Required are required for results to be marked Official. See Unofficial vs. Official Results for further information.

Incomplete or single-team results cannot be marked official. encourages you to upload complete meet results.
  • Place (Required): Enter the finish place for the athlete in simple numerical order. Finish place information is required to ensure the validity of the results and to ensure scoring was done properly.
  • First Name (Required): Enter the athlete's first name
  • Last Name (Required): Enter the athlete's last name
  • Gender (Required): Enter the athlete's gender as M or F. Do not use any other abbreviations.
  • Grade (Required): Enter the athlete's grade as a number.
  • Team (Required): Enter the athlete's team name. Make sure that the team name is consistent between each member of the team (in other words, don't mix-and-match “Central,” “Central HS,” etc).
  • Time (Required): Enter the athlete's finish time in the format or with common abbreviations such as DNS, DNF, or DSQ. There must always be a colon (:) between minutes and seconds, and a decimal point (.) between seconds and tenths/hundredths. If the time is 16 minutes and 12.53 seconds, it must be entered as 16:12.53. Common mistakes include:
    • 16.12.53 (Decimal point between each field):'s results parsing software will not interpret this as valid time data.
    • 16:12:53 (Colon between each field):'s results parsing software will interpret this as 16 hours, 12 minutes and 53 seconds. Probably not what you intended!
  • Division (optional): You can upload a spreadsheet that contains more than one race if you complete this field. This field should match the ID numbers set in for each race division. For example, if the Varsity Boys 5k is set up as having ID 1, then all athletes who ran the Varsity Boys 5k should have a 1 in this column. See Uploading Cross Country Results #3: Race Divisions for further information.
If you do not complete the Division column,'s parsing software will assume all athletes in the spreadsheet were in the same race division. If you do not complete the Division column, and you have multiple race divisions, you must upload a separate spreadsheet for each race division. Each spreadsheet must only contain the results for a single division.
  • Score (optional): If you are using a non-standard scoring system, you can enter each athlete's score in this column. will calculate and post scores entered here. Alternatively, you can leave this field blank and let auto-calculate scores based on the Place column and the criteria you set on the Publish Tab.

Once you have completed your spreadsheet, select the whole spreadsheet and copy-and-paste it into the Paste Results box on the Upload Tab. Alternatively, you may save the file in CSV (comma separated values) format, and upload it using the Upload a File button on the Upload Tab.

If team scores aren't appearing correctly, perhaps due to an incorrectly applied team tiebreaker, exhibition athletes, or any other reason, you can upload custom team scores yourself as outlined in Publishing Custom Team Scoring for a Meet.

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