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Requires AthleticSB 1.0.10 or greater and AthleticLIVE Local 3.5.14 or greater

The default layout for AthleticSB boards is an AthleticLIVE logo on black background. You can change this to any logo you wish.

The default layout appears when you open the board before any data arrives. It disappears once a board receives data.

You can revert to the default layout by sending a message to the scoreboard or clicking a button in AthleticSB.

  1. On the AthleticSB homepage, click "Edit Default Settings."
  2. Select the logo you wish to use. We highly recommend an SVG logo as that will look good at any size. If you must use a PNG or JPG image, it must be wider than the width of all of your scoreboards.

Changing to the Default Layout

Once an event ends, or if there is a break in the action, you may wish to change to the default layout instead of showing the last data sent to the board. You can change back to the default layout in a couple of ways.

NOTE: The default layout disappears when the scoreboards receives more data.

NOTE: For running scoreboards from FinishLynx, showing the time of day or having an open event will still cause the default layout to disappear.

From AthleticSB

Once you start a scoreboard, you will see a "Set to Default" button. Click that to change to the default layout.

From FinishLynx

NOTE: Make sure you have the latest tmioV2.lss updated on 1/6/2022. Download it from the AthleticLIVE Downloads page.

  1. In the top menu of FinishLynx, click "Scoreboard" and "Edit Message."
  2. Type Command=LayoutDraw;Name=Default;
  3. Click Send. Your scoreboard(s) should now show the default layout.
From AthleticLIVE Local for AthleticFIELD scoreboards

NOTE: Make sure you have the latest tmio.lss updated on 1/6/2022. Download it from the AthleticLIVE Downloads page.

Initial Setup

  1. Open AthleticLIVE Local.
  2. Go to http://localhost:8150/admin/field-app
  3. Click Edit next to any Setting.
  4. Check Use Scoreboard LSS Messages?
  5. In the "Default Scoreboard Message" field, type Command=LayoutDraw;Name=Default;

Change to the Default Layout

  1. In the Scoreboards list, click the black envelope button in the Actions column.
  2. Click Send or Send & Close. Your scoreboard should now show the default layout.

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