Pre-Parse Meet on

Pre-parse your AthleticLIVE meet on to connect all teams and athletes to their teams and bios.

This connects team pages and logos as well as athlete profiles, enables followers to receive notifications, and connects rankings (when this option is configured).

Pre-parsing is only needed for meets that didn't use for registration. If your meet uses for registration everything is already linked up automatically!

Connect AthleticLIVE meet to meet

After you've created your meet on both and AthleticLIVE, select the meet from the dropdown on the AthleticLIVE meet settings:

You'll need to be a host or co-host on in order to see the meet in the dropdown. You can also paste the MeetID directly if needed.

Import entries into

After you've synced entries from your meet management system into AthleticLIVE, go to the result upload page on and click Import Entries on the Upload tab:

If you don't see this button, then ask support for access to this feature.

Match Divisions, Teams, Athletes & Events

Match all divisions, teams, athletes & events exactly as you do when uploading results to Learn more about uploading results here.

Import Entries

Click Import Entries on the Import Entries tab, which will import entries into and then sync the connected teams and athletes back to AthleticLIVE.

Refresh Entries

You can perform the same process again if you have updates to entries, but it is really only needed if you've added teams or athletes.

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