How Do You Have my Roster?

As a coach, you may occasionally see athletes added to your roster that you didn't add, or you might have logged in on your very first use of to find a completely populated roster already there waiting for you! No, we're not psychic. Here's how we do it:

All meet results uploaded to are reviewed by support staff for completeness and accuracy. During the course of this review, we add athletes to team rosters when we see a result attributed that doesn't already exist on the roster.

For example: Jimmy Jones is a late addition to the team, and coaching staff hasn't had a chance to add his name to the roster. Once Jimmy competes in his first meet and results for that meet are published on, we see that Jimmy Jones competed for your team. We also see that Jimmy Jones isn't already on your roster, and add him!

While real people do all the reviewing of meet results that are published on, the process is so streamlined that we are able to add large numbers of athletes to teams. If an athlete has competed before, there's a good chance he or she already has an profile.

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