How Do I Transfer an Athlete to My Team?

If you are adding an athlete to your roster that has past performance data with another school, you'll want that data to follow them over to your team. While an athlete's performance data will always be tied to the team for which they competed, athlete data can be tracked across multiple teams. The process for associating an existing athlete with your team is two-fold.

First, you'll want to add the athlete to your roster as a new athlete. See Adding, Deactivating, Reactivating, and Moving Athletes for more information. When adding the athlete, use all correct data such as first name, last name, grade, gender, etc. At this point, there will be two athlete bios for the same person. One for the old team and one for your new team.

Second, you'll need to request that the two athlete bios (the one with the existing performance data and the one you just created) be merged. You can only do this once your athlete you're moving has results for your team (i.e., after the first meet). Merging Duplicate Athletes (for Coaches) has more information on the process. administrators will not merge existing athlete bios with empty athlete bios. This means you will need to wait until your athlete has recorded results for your team before requesting the merge.

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