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Welcome to the community! If your team doesn't already have a profile, you can add it in a few easy steps.

Add a High/Middle School, Collegiate, Event Manager and Club (other than USATF) Team

If you are adding a USATF team, follow steps 1-3, then skip down to the section on Adding a USATF team
  1. Go to your state or region home page.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and find the Can't find your team? button.
  3. Click Request addition 
    1. Alternatively, you can click this link: It will take you to the same place.
  4. Select your team type
  5. Fill in your team Postal-Code / City, and team name. If your team doesn't appear in the matches below, click I Can't Find My [Team] button.
  6. Fill out all the required information, such as Street Address, Website, Phone, Mascot, and Abbreviation.
    1. A team abbreviation can be any combination of four letters and numbers to identify your team. We ask that you avoid using HS or MS as the last two letters of the abbreviation as these are quite popular.
  7. Finally click the Add [Team] button. One of our administrators will review the request and send you a confirmation email if approved.
    1. Optional: write a comment about why you are requesting to add a team (optional, but appreciated).
    2. Optional: Tell us your role(s) with the team. Are you a Coach, Assistant, Director, Parent, etc?

Add a USATF Team

The steps for adding USATF clubs teams is the same as any other team, until you reach step 4. Select USATF Club.

This will prompt you to enter the team's USATF ID #, as shown below. Team codes can be found on club search. The rest of the process should continue the same.

If you already have a team page on and decide to add a USATF ID #, you'll need to contact directly and we'll add the code for you as you won't have access to that step once the team page is created.

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