Adding a Birthdate and USATF ID to Your Profile

If you're registering yourself for USATF events, you'll need to add your USATF Membership ID number to your account before you register for any events. Additionally, you may need to enter your date of birth to ensure you're placed in the appropriate age group.

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In order to follow these steps, you'll need to be accessing through the website. You will not be able to access these options using AthleticAPP.

Once you're logged into, click on your initials or picture in the top right corner, then choose Dashboard.

At the top of the screen, choose Athlete Registration, then choose Myself.

On the page that loads, select Add USATF ID.

In the box that appears, enter your USATF Membership ID and choose Add.

If your athlete profile is also missing date of birth information for calculating age groups, you will see a link to set your birthdate as well.

Click Set Birthdate and follow the instructions on the subsequent screen.

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