Real-Time Combined Event Tables

Watch combined event scores update in real time when you use a live track scoreboard with FinishLynx and a live field scoreboard with AthleticFIELD or FieldLynx.

As you mark each time in FinishLynx and each mark in AthleticFIELD or FieldLynx, the combined event table will update with that mark and the corresponding IAAF point value.

Uploading results from your meet management system will also update the combined table.


All athletes must have competitor numbers and all scoreboards must show full team names and first and last athlete names.

  1. Make sure your start lists include full team names, not abbrebviations.
  2. Competitor numbers must be set in your meet management system before you export start lists to FinishLynx, AthleticFIELD, and FieldLynx.
  3. In FinishLynx, make sure your AthleticLIVE results scoreboard Results options dropdown looks like this:


  1. Create a Pro Field Meet
  2. Use FinishLynx as your track results scoreboard
  3. Use AthleticFIELD or FieldLynx as your field results scoreboard
  4. Make sure the following checkboxes are checked
    1. Do you want to show combined sub-event points on track and/or field scoreboards?
    2. Do you want a real-time combined table as each mark is entered?

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