Allow Others to Send Automated Meet Result Tweets

You can already auto-tweet top 3 results from your account. Now, allow other people/entities such as school sports accounts, athletic directors, or media members to auto-tweet results at the same time.

If someone is browsing Twitter for meet results, chances are they follow a school or media account that may be discussing those results. This functionality allows you to put your results in front of more people.


  1. Go to and go to any admin meet detail page.
  2. In the top left of the dashboard, find the "Allow others to Tweet your results" dashlet.
  3. Send that meet-specific link to anyone that you want to Tweet results in addition to yourself.

NOTE: A tweet is sent when final results for an event are uploaded for the first time. If results are updated, AthleticLIVE will not send another tweet.

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