Become a Team Supporter

This article only applies to Coach Accounts. If you'd like to upgrade your personal account, see Become an Athletic+ Member.

Becoming an Team Supporter allows you and your team to make the most of everything has to offer. Team Supporter status unlocks more powerful coaching and meet hosting tools.

If you'd like to upgrade to Team Supporter status, log in to your coach's account, and scroll to the bottom of any screen. At the bottom of the screen, click on Upgrade Team .

On the next page, you'll need to select the team you'd like to upgrade (if you're only affiliated with one team, you'll only have one choice for team selection), and then select the season you'd like to upgrade. Team Supporter status is billed on a per-season/sport basis. For each sport (indoor Track & Field, outdoor Track & Field, and Cross Country), you'll need to purchase an upgrade for each season.

For each season you select, it will be added to your cart. If you'd like to renew automatically, ensure that the box is checked for the particular sport you'd like to automatically renew.

Renewals will be billed on November 1st of each year for Indoor and Outdoor Track and Field, while Cross Country renewals are billed on July 1st.

Once everything looks satisfactory, click Checkout.

Enter your name, email address, and phone number, and then select how you'd like to pay.

You can only renew automatically if you pay by credit card. If you'd like to use another method of payment, you must deselect all Renew Yearly boxes before other payment methods become available.

Payment methods available:

  • Credit Card: Charges your credit card directly through If you elect to renew yearly, your card data will be securely stored for future renewals. uses Stripe's industry-leading security for all credit card processing.
  • Check: Creates a printable invoice with instructions on where the check should be sent. Useful for educational institutions.
  • Email Invoice: Same as above, but emails the invoice to you.
  • Paypal: If you'd prefer, accepts Paypal payments as well.
Paying by check will not allow access to upgraded features until the check has been received. If you need immediate access to upgraded features, use an electronic form of payment.

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