Team Supporter Features and Benefits

Becoming an Team Supporter means you get to experience the best of each feature has to offer. Whether you're a coach, timer, meet host, or event manager, these are the tools that make your job the easiest. As you explore the website, you'll see features marked with a . Team Supporters get access to all of these features!

Team Supporter Features for Coaches

  • Unlimited viewing of state rankings for all coaches on the team
  • Unlimited viewing of national rankings for two coaches on the team
  • Advanced team reports such as Event Progress, Summary Points, and Meet Points reports
  • Custom performance lists. For more information, see Custom Lists Editor.
  • Photos on your team's homepage
  • Post team news
  • Priority email support

In addition, you'll get all of the meet hosting features outlined below!

Team Supporter Features for Event Managers, Meet Hosts, and Timers

  • Seed and run your Track & Field meet with ease! (see AthleticRUNMEET for details)
  • Meet financial features (see Event Financial Features for further details):
    • Collect entry fees through for teams and individual registrations. Includes online credit card processing features
    • Collect donations
    • Sell custom merchandise
  • Meet entry and invitation features (see Hosting an Event for more information):
    • Lock a meet to invitation-only
    • Lock entries at a specific date and time
    • Send meet invitations to teams
    • Publish entries at a specific date and time
    • Accept and reject team and individual registrations
    • Specify a co-host
  • Meet setup features:
    • Copy setup and invitations from a previous meet
    • Set event start times, customize event list and order of events
    • Limit number of entries by division, event, team
    • Specify the source of seeds from personal records, season records, or a custom list of meets
  • Easily communicate with all coaches in a meet. Send template or custom emails to all coaches from one place
  • Post event information, event blog posts, custom entry instructions
  • Publish a welcome message
  • Add a cover photo to your meet page
  • Discounted race bibs
If you'd like to become a Team Supporter, see Become a Team Supporter.

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