Athlete's Age Displays Incorrectly

An athlete's age may appear to be incorrect because calculates ages on December 31st of the current year (or the year of the result) for athlete bios and rankings. So, if an athlete hasn't celebrated their birthday yet, their displayed age may be a year older than their actual age. Please note that this is not an error.

Example: Sam will turn 15 in September, but his age will appear as 15 on starting January 1 even though he isn't yet 15 at that point.

Exception: 18-year-olds who will turn 19 this year will be displayed as 18 for Track & Field if their birthday occurs after the final day of the USATF National Junior Olympic Track & Field Championships (typically the end of July).

Note that individual meets may choose to calculate age differently, for example calculating age as of the meet date.

If the above information doesn't apply to you, and there is something incorrect about the displayed age for an athlete, see Correcting Athlete Information (for Athletes, Parents, and Fans).

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