Upload Results with Race Director

Before uploading results, make sure you have completed the following tasks:

  1. Create your meet in AthleticLIVE
  2. Configure Race Director to work with your meet


  1. Go to Reports -> Team Reports -> Cross Country Finish List
  2. Select "All Divisions".
  3. Uncheck "Ignore Classifications" unless results must be separated by Team Classification.
  4. Check "Replace Age with Grade on report".
  5. Uncheck all other checkboxes.
  6. Under "Show", check "All".
  7. If you have splits, set "Score Through" to the finish split.
  8. Ensure that your settings look similar to the "Cross Country Finish List Settings" image at the bottom of this article.
  9. Click "Run Report"
  10. Question: "Combine Divisions or Show Separately" -> Click Show Separately
  11. Choose HTML Enhanced Report Output
  12. Click Generate Report
  13. Enter a file name for your report. The report must have a ".htm" extension. We recommend naming the file results.htm.
  14. Question: "Would you like to view or publish the file just created", choose Yes.
  15. Question: "Publish the HTML file to server ftp.athletic.live", choose Yes. (If you want to preview your file before uploading to AthleticLIVE, click "No". When you're ready to upload, you will need to go through this process again.) Click "Send".
  16. You're good to go. Answer the remaining questions as you wish.

Cross Country Finish List Settings

[Create your meet in AthleticLIVE]: {{< ref "timers/create-meet.md" >}} [Configure Race Director to work with your meet]: {{< ref "timers/configure-race-director-uploads.md" >}}

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