AthleticSB - Live Time Board

Display running time from FinishLynx.

Creating a new board

  1. From the homepage, click "Create"
  2. If you want to see your changes while you make them, click "Open Test Board". This will open a board with test data. As you change sizes and colors, you can immediately see how your changes affect the board.

Display Settings

All scoreboards use the same display settings. Click here to read Display Setting documentation.

Connection Settings

Identify one open ports on the computer running AthleticSB. Usually any port between 10000 and 60000 will be open. We recommend these two:

  • Running Time: 45006

Create one scoreboards in FinishLynx for running time.

Running Time Scoreboard

This is a screenshot of a Lynx Running Time Scoreboard with ideal settings.


  1. Go to the Downloads page and download tmioRuntime.lss. Place it in C:/Lynx, then restart Lynx.
  2. Click on the Options down arrow. Make sure Send Results if Armed is unchecked.
  3. Serial Port: Network (UDP)


Time Background Color

Click in the form field to open a color picker. Move the picker around until you find the right color. Or, enter a hex code yourself.

Style overrides will take precedence over base settings, useful for filling out empty space on boards.

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