Duplicate Athletes on Team Roster

Sometimes, if meet results are uploaded to Athletic.net, a duplicate athlete can be created on a team's roster. This often happens when an athlete registers for a meet using a different name than they are listed under on the team roster (i.e., the athlete is listed as John Davidson on the team's roster, but the meet host records results for him under Johnny Davidson). As a consequence, a coach may find that he or she has a duplicate athlete that has been added to the team's roster after a meet.

As a coach or team manager, you have a quick-and-dirty shortcut for correcting this while preserving your athlete's results under both names. Use the Athlete Editor to change the first and last name of the duplicate athlete so that it matches the athlete you want to keep. You should end up with two athletes with identical names. Within 24 hours, you'll find that the two athlete entries have been merged.

If this doesn't work, something about the two athlete profiles is different. For example one may be listed as a 9th grader, and the other a 10th grader. If you're having trouble making this work, see Merging Duplicate Athletes to request an athlete merge with an Athletic.net administrator.
If, somehow, you have two athletes with the same first and last name, and they actually are distinct athletes, make sure you enter something in their athlete profile to make them distinct. A date of birth, differing grade, or other similar item will work.

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