Download Excel Meet Manager - XC Edition

Current Version: 1.16 - Released: October 28, 2021

Version 1.16 of the EMMxc has been released, and is being used to run meets together with's free entry registration and result uploading.  The EMMxc is compatible with Excel 2000 and newer.

Runs in Microsoft Excel 2000 & newer on PC (not on Macs).  Macros MUST be enabled for the EMMxc to work. See instructions here.

Label Templates

You can use these templates to print labels from the EMMxc.  The main template (Avery 5160) should work with any standard 30-on-a-sheet labels.  If you customize the templates for other label sizes, feel free to email them to us, and we'll post them for all to use!

Version Info

Tutorial Videos:

EMMxc Overview

EMMxc Tutorial 1—Introduction

EMMxc Tutorial 2—Run a Meet

EMMxc Tutorial 3—Advanced Scoring

EMMxc Tutorial 4—Labels (Excel 2007)

EMMxc Tutorial 5—Labels (Pre Excel 2007)

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