Calendar Date Colors

The dates on your team's calendar are color-coded to indicate different things. They can provide coaches with a quick way to learn your team's status in a meet.

  • If the date is Orange, then your team is Unconfirmed. The meet host may not yet have confirmed your team's participation in the meet, or the meet host may not be using to collect entries.
  • If the date is Green, then the meet host has Accepted your team into the meet. You may now submit entries. See Submitting Entries for a Meet for further information.
  • If the date is Blue, then you are the meet host.
  • If the date is Red, then you are the meet host, but meet setup as not been completed. Other teams may join your meet, but they will not be able to submit entries until you finish the setup process. See the section regarding Hosting an Event for more details.

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