Show PRs and SRs on Live Results

On meet day, we will gather a list of Personal Records and Season Records from the database. On results, we will indicate if an athlete beats their PR/SR or a team beats their SR. This will only work if the following conditions are true:

  1. Your meet collects entries on
  2. An athlete or team was entered in an event on If you add an athlete/team entry in your meet management system, we won't be able to show PR/SRs for that athlete.


  1. Create your meet in AthleticLIVE. Check Show qualifiers on live results?.
  2. Upload a team file. The Upload Rosters button will not appear until you upload a team file.
  3. Upload a roster file. If you using HyTek, you must use competitor numbers check "Include Competitor Number" in Run -> Preferences -> Web Real Time

Directions for turning on PRs and SRs

  1. Login to
  2. Go to your Meet Detail page.
  3. Click "Edit".
  4. Under the Statistics tab, click these 2 checkboxes:
    1. Display athlete personal records?: "PR" will appear next to any athlete who earned a personal record.
    2. Display athlete/team season records?: "SR" will appear next to any athlete or relay that earned a season record.

Before your meet begins, we will populate the AthleticLIVE database with records.

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