Uploading Track & Field Results #5: Events

Uploading Track & Field Results
 4. Athletes
 ——  5. Events  —— 
6. Timing Method 

On the Upload Results page, once you have uploaded your results file, matched divisions, and verified team and athlete matches, you can move on to the Events tab. This is where you will adjust any heights/weights that need to be posted differently for certain divisions (for example, if JV throws a different shot put weight from Varsity).

Verify that your events are correctly displayed for each race division on this screen.

Pay particular attention to the following:

  • Event Type - indicate whether it was a standard event, wheelchair, relay split, or Ambulatory event
  • Hurdle Height - double check that the hurdle heights are accurately reflected for each division and distance
  • Throwing Weight - make sure your throwing implement weights are correct for each event and division

Once you have verified your meet's events, you can move on to the Timing Method tab or click Next.

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