Additional Purchasable Items

In addition to charging entry fees and collecting donations, allows meet hosts the ability to pre-sell items that will be picked up during the event. This includes T-Shirts, meal tickets, commemorative items, and anything else you can think of! You can set up purchasable items in conjunction with other meet host financial features, such as collecting entry fees or accepting donations.

Configuring purchasable items is part of the meet creation process. For more information, see the series on meet creation for your particular sport in the Hosting an Event category. To begin the configuration process, find your meet on your team's calendar, and click  Manage Meet. At the top of the page, click  Settings, and then  Entry Fees, Donation, Collection, Custom Fees.

From that point, click on Set Up Merchandise under Additional Purchasable Items.

On the next screen, click Add Item.

Enter a name, price, description, and quantity limit.

If you'd like to add another item, click Add Item. Otherwise, click Save at the bottom right.

You'll be asked to select how payments should be submitted. See Entry Fee Setup for more information.

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