Multi-Round Events in RunMeet

Run Meet now has the capability of seeding and scoring multi-round events (i.e., Prelims, Semis and Finals) in an easy-to-use interface that helps you through each step of the process.

Add the Rounds to the Event

Events for the meet are configured on the Events tab of your Manage Meet page.

For more information regarding configuring the events for your meet, see Creating a Track & Field Meet #9: Events.

For any event you'd like to add rounds to, click the menu icon () for that event. You can choose from any available rounds to add them to your meet.

Adding a round will add it to all events under the event header (e.g., adding Prelims to the 100 Meters event will add it to both men and women and whatever divisions are configured). To remove rounds for a particular event, simply click the delete icon ().

Use the drag handle () to move the Prelim round to display the correct order of events for your meet (or near its corresponding finals round). The order events are displayed in on this screen will correspond to the order in which they will be displayed in Run Meet.

Configure Advancement Criteria

Once you've added all the rounds for your events, move to the Run Meet tab. You'll see that your rounds have been inserted into the meet.

Use the Filter Events search box to display fewer events.

If you click on the prelims round, you'll notice that the round has now been reseeded in a serpentine fashion, rather than a traditional fast-to-slow or slow-to-fast configuration. This seeding method gives an equal mix of competitors in each heat, giving each athlete a fairer chance at placing in their heat.

Changing the settings for the event gives you some customization over how the event is seeded. Setting the Heat Assignment to Random will randomize the lane assignment, rather than giving preference to the middle lanes. You can also set the Heat Order to Slow-to-Fast or Fast-to-Slow depending on your preference, although the software will still attempt to provide an equal mix of athletes in each heat. See Run Meet: Seeding for more information on customizing how your event is seeded.

Once you've confirmed that your seeding is correct, select the Set Advancement Criteria button on your event. This will allow you to select how many heat winners and other athletes advanced based on heat place or time. Enter numbers in the fields to see an instant preview of what your next round will look like.

Click Save when you're finished.

If you realize you've mis-configured your advancement criteria, you can return to this screen by clicking on the event menu () and selecting Advance Entries.

If your event has three or more rounds (i.e., prelims and semis), the Set Advancement Criteria button for subsequent rounds will appear once you've set the criteria for the first round.

Enter Results and Advance Athletes

Once you've set advancement criteria, start entering your times by clicking on the Results tab and then entering each athlete's time in the Time field. As you enter times, you'll be shown which athletes qualified by place (Q) and by time (q). For more information about entering results, see Run Meet: Entering Results. Note that you'll only see qualifiers indicated if you've already entered your advancement criteria.

Once you've entered results for all the athletes in the event, the Advance Entries button will appear at the top of the event. Clicking will allow you to review your advancement criteria. Click Advance Entries once again to advance the qualifiers to the next round. Don't forget to hit Mark Complete to publish the results of the round to AthleticNET!

Once you advance the entries to the next round, the next round will automatically be seeded with the results from the previous round, and the process will begin again.

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