Changing Event Status

AthleticLIVE will automatically change event status as an event moves from entries to heat sheets to going live to having final results.

Occasionally, you may need to communicate that there is an issue with an event. Change your event to one of four manual statuses to help communicate an event's condition.

Under Protest

Use when an event is under protest. (see Protest Management for more information about managing protests)

Under Review

Use when an event is under review and you want to note that results are not final.


Example: If an event has sections 1-4 in the morning and section 5 in the evening, set the event to Pending after section 4 is over.

Pending Final

Example: The first three throws of shotput are on Day 1 and the final three throws are on day 2. Set to 'Pending Final' after 3 throws are complete.

Change to a manual status by:

  1. Going to your admin meet detail page and clicking the Manage Events button.
  2. Click on the status in the "Status" column.
  3. Changing the "Status" dropdown and clicking "Save Event Status."

To remove the manual status change, follow the three same steps and set the "Status" dropdown to blank.

On the admin meet detail page, a warning will let you know which events have manually-set statuses. Automated statuses like "Results" will not reappear until you remove the manual status change.

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