Adding a Non-Meet Event to Your Calendar

While the core of your team's calendar will display the meets that you are attending, the calendar also is capable of displaying non-meet events such as team dinners, practices or training sessions, awards presentations, and more.

To add a meet to your team's calendar, see Adding a Meet to Your Calendar.

Navigate to your team's homepage by clicking on the Menu Icon ( ) in the top left corner, and then clicking on your team's name. Once you're on your team's homepage, select the correct season using the drop-down box at the top of the calendar, then click Add a Non-Meet Event.

Fill in the name of the event, date, start and end times, and a description to be displayed in the team calendar, then click Save.

Once you click Save, the calendar item will be displayed in the team calendar.

Click on the calendar item to display details.

Once you've completed your team's calendar for the season, you can embed it to a team website, print it, or download it to the device of your choice in a number of popular calendar apps. See Using Your Team Calendar on Other Devices for further details.

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