Do All My Athletes Need to Download AthleticAPP?

Any athlete who is participating in a virtual meet where athletes are responsible for submitting their own times will need to use AthleticAPP to do so. This includes the large virtual meets using as a hosting platform. Using AthleticAPP has several advantages including the fact that having a predetermined course isn't necessary. AthleticAPP's GPS tracker keeps a stopwatch and distance tracker synchronized, and will automatically stop the clock and record the time when the correct distance has been reached.

Keep in mind that coaches are still free to register athletes for virtual events using the normal coaches' registration interface. Once athletes are team-connected by entering the team's code, they will be shown in the coaches' registration interface as available for registration. See Connecting Athletes to Your Team Using AthleticAPP for further information.

In addition to results submission for virtual events, AthleticAPP provides a number of useful features for athletes and coaches, such as team communication and workout tracking.

If you're hosting a time-trial meet where you as a coach are collecting your athletes' times, then your meet isn't a virtual meet and shouldn't be marked as such. Uploading results using the custom format is often the easiest way to upload results from multiple coaches each collecting their own team's times.

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