Virtual XC and Road Race FAQs

How Does this Work?

Please click on the applicable link below:

Athletes - Registering for and Competing in Virtual XC Events

Parents - Registering a managed athlete (ages 12 and under)

Coaches - Guide to sharing virtual meets with your athletes

Coaches - Connecting athletes to your team using the AthleticAPP


How do I create an account?

Please follow this link for instructions: Creating an account

How do I enter my USATF membership ID?

Please follow this link for instructions: Add a USATF ID to your profile

How do I download AthleticAPP?

Please follow this link for instructions: Download AthleticAPP

How do I enter a team code to connect to my team?

Please follow this link for instructions: Enter a team code

How do I register?

Please follow this link for instructions: Registering for a virtual event

How do I submit my result?

Please follow this link for instructions: Recording and submitting virtual results

Does my coach need to register me?

No. You may register yourself or your coach may register you. Either way, you must submit your own result via AthleticAPP.

Why am I not allowed to register as competing for my team?

Two things are required to open up the option to register as a member of your team:

  1. You must connect to your team through AthleticAPP by entering the team code before you register: Read more
  2. The event must be listed on your team's calendar

Am I required to use AthleticAPP to submit my result or can I log into my account on my computer?

You must use AthleticAPP to submit your result. Please read more here: Do all athletes need to download AthleticAPP?

What are some examples of acceptable results posts?

How does the AthleticAPP Record Run feature work?

Please follow this link for instructions: Using AthleticAPP's Record Run

How do I submit a new post if I need to correct it?

  1. Make sure you are in an area with a strong signal, preferably WiFi. If the deadline is approaching, think twice about submitting a new post. You will lose the option to submit a post after the deadline.
  2. Tap on the three dots in the upper right corner of the post
  3. Choose Delete Post
  4. Return to the AthleticAPP notifications screen and submit the correct result and photo/video evidence
    **You must always start your results post on AthleticAPP but you may add videos and photos on afterwards. More help: How to edit or resubmit a virtual result

Can I compete whenever I want?

No. The submission window (the date range during which you may compete and submit your result) is listed at the top of the meet page.

What is results moderation and how does it work?

Each result submitted will be reviewed by the meet host and then marked as Verified or Invalid. If an athlete registers for the meet as a member of their team (and has connected to the team on AthleticAPP), the team's coaches will be able to moderate their athletes' results. More information: Results Moderation.

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