Earn Revenue by Uploading Full Race Videos

Race and field videos will be a mainstream feature of live results in 2022 and beyond. Athletic can help you get ahead of the curve and make money while doing it! We offer three ways to earn revenue when you start recording race videos at every meet.

Option 1 (recommended) involves Athletic paying timers directly and may be suitable for most meets. Options #2 and #3 allow timers to market video services themselves.

Option 1: Athletic pays timers

Athletic will pay you to upload race videos. Watching these videos on AthleticLIVE requires an Athletic+ subscription. In 2021, each race video cost an average of $1.35 to upload at $5/GB using the Ting.com Flex plan. Of course, it costs much less to upload a 100m heat than 3200m race.

  1. $4 per video uploaded within 1 hour of heat completion
  2. $2 per video uploaded within 24 hours of heat completion
  3. $0 if uploaded after 24 hours

For example: If you have 100 heats in your meet and upload all videos within 1 hour of completion, Athletic will pay $400.

Finding a hardline ethernet port on site will be key for uploading some of the larger video files.
A hardline may not be available. Another option is focusing short distance uploads while on site, and uploading the longer races on a home wifi network.

Field app videos are not covered under this plan at this time.

Option 2: No subsidy

Videos will be available without an Athletic+ subscription for 24 hours from final result upload.

Statistics show that most race videos are viewed within the first two hours of completion of the event.

Option 3: Timers pay Athletic

The timer will pay Athletic $4 for every race video uploaded to Athletic. All videos will be available for at least 2 years without an Athletic+ subscription.

For Options 2 and 3, although Athletic does not pay for these race video, the cost of Race Videos can be added to the Timing cost paid by the Host.
Check out our Race Video Case Study for pricing ideas.

Selecting an Option

When you create your meet on AthleticLIVE, choose one of the three options. Then start uploading videos!

More Documentation

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