Partner Dashboard for Timers


  1. Utilize AthleticNET to collect online meet registration
  2. Connect AthleticLIVE to your meet as your primary live results platform
  3. Create an Event Manager / Timer site on AthleticNET and maintain your list of meets there
In 2023: Timing companies earned an average of $188 per meet, with online registration activated to collect entry fees via online payment.

If you provide timing services to 50 meets that collect entry fees (club meets, high school invites, college meets) -- on average, you can earn $10k per year.

In 2023: Timing companies earned an average of $206 per meet for recording and uploading race videos to their AthleticLIVE results.

If you provide timing services for 50 meets that collect entry fees -- you likely time 100 or more meets per year. Record race videos for each of your meets and earn another $20k per year.

There is no revenue cap. If you time more meets, you will increase the yearly amount earned, on your dashboard.

Let's get into the details below!

How Do I Earn Money from Online Registration?

  1. AthleticNET charges a service fee on all invoices paid during online meet registration. This is split between Stripe credit card fees and AthleticNET processing fees.
  2. The portion that AthleticNET earns will be shared with you and displayed on your Partner Dashboard. Share % as described here:
    1. 33% of AthleticNET processing fees for College meets.
    With the new USTFCCCA & AthleticNET partnership, timers can move all of their collegiate meets to AthleticNET for meet registration and earn revenue for every meet! All Collegiate meets using AthleticNET online registration will be using online entry fee payment collection.
    Financial FAQs for College Meets Doc
    Allow your College Meet to Accept Entries on AthleticNET
    1. 50% of AthleticNET processing fees for HS/MS/Club meets. A few meets may have multiple partners, and those will be shared at a rate of 33%.

      50% Share Example: Here is a capture of the Manage Meet > Entry Fees section from online entry fee payments for a Cross Country Invitational in September 2023
      Stripe Credit Card Fees collected $1,003.34
      AthleticNET Processing Fees, $837.26, was shared 50% with Timer and their Partner Dashboard reflected $418.63 earned for the meet

How To Get Started

  1. If you're already utilizing AthleticNET for online registration and AthleticLIVE for results, the process is straightforward! Simply reach out to to activate your Partner Dashboard. In your email, include links to both your EM page on AthleticNET and your Enterprise site on AthleticLIVE.
  2. Facilitate discussions with your meet directors to encourage the adoption of online payment collection for team entry fees. You might encounter objections such as, "For high school meets in my area, we've always used checks, and credit card payments aren't allowed." It's a sentiment we've encountered frequently. Encourage them to take the plunge!

    Similar sentiments were prevalent in Oregon until the introduction of online entry fee collection in 2016. Within two years, the majority of HS invitationals had embraced online payment methods. The efficiency gains, particularly in time saved for office staff dealing with invoicing and chasing late payments, made the transition worthwhile. Once experienced, the convenience of online payment leads meets to abandon traditional check-based methods for 95% of payment collection -- reserving the option to still allow a check payment for the 1-2 teams at a meet that may not be ready to make online payments yet.
  3. Curious and eager to learn more? Feel free to contact the email mentioned above, and we'd be delighted to arrange a Zoom call to provide further insights and discuss the benefits of the Partner Dashboard for you and your timing company.

How Do I Earn Money from Race Videos?

  1. Earn Revenue by Uploading Full Race Videos
  2. Learn How to Record Full Race Videos
  3. Request a Race Video Kit


Do I need to sign a contract?

No. You will not be bound to continue using AthleticNET registration and/or AthleticLIVE results platform, if at any point you choose to explore other options.

Do I need to time a lot of meets to have a Partner Dashboard?

No, the number of meets you time doesn't affect your eligibility for a Partner Dashboard. Whether you time 5 meets or 200, you can earn money for any meet collecting online entry payments. Even if only one of your meets utilizes online entry payments, you remain eligible to earn money.

Is there a limit to how much I can earn?

No, there is no earning cap. You generate revenue for every meet where you are listed as the partner. There are no restrictions on the total amount you can earn by facilitating the transition of your meets and meet directors to utilize AthleticNET's online payment system for entry fee collection and meet registration.

Can I earn money every year for the same meet?

Certainly! As the partner listed on the meet, you are eligible to earn the total sharing amount each year.

How do the payouts work?

Your Partner Dashboard is linked to your Stripe account, and payouts are automatically processed monthly. If you don't have a Stripe account, you can create one here.

Who decides what meets are connected to my Partner Dashboard?

AthleticNET is responsible for connecting meets to your dashboard. If your timing company served as the primary provider for registration setup/management and timed the meet with live results, the meet will be linked to your dashboard.

What if one of my meets is missing on my Partner Dashboard?

AthleticNET connects meets to your dashboard weekly. If a meet is still missing, please email and include a link to the Manage Meet page.

Can I use other online registration and live result platforms?

Yes, exceptions can be made. Discuss such situations with AthleticNET when requesting a Partner Dashboard. The goal is to provide flexibility while encouraging the use of AthleticNET's suite of tools for all your events.

The Partner Dashboard is tailored for timers fully utilizing AthleticNET's tools. There is no intent to micromanage your approach. We believe in providing a powerful toolkit for you to offer excellent services to your customers. While we encourage wide use of AthleticNET, we understand exceptions may arise in your interactions with customers.

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