Allow your College Meet to Accept Entries on AthleticNET

Meet Directors: Follow these instructions if you wish to collect college entries on AthleticNET.

NOTE: A previous version of this help doc described how to download single-meet IDs from TFRRS. As of December 7, 2023, that is no longer possible.

Step 1: Meet Directors - Create a DirectAthletics Meet and Invite Teams

  1. Create the meet on DirectAthletics.
    1. You must select "Roster Registration" as the Registration method. This cannot be changed after you create the meet.
  2. Invite Mens and Womens teams to your meet, if you selected the 'Invitational' setup. We do suggest you choose 'Open' for the registration method on DirectAthletics, then any team may go add the meet themselves. Use the 'Open' option if you are not limiting your meet to a select group of teams.
  3. We recommend that you leave your DirectAthletics registration open for as long as you can, up to your meet date. Let your coaches know they can add the DirectAthletics meet and register their rosters as described in the Step 2 section of this document.

Step 2: Inform Coaches to Add Meet and Submit Rosters

  • Send this link to coaches - Coaches: Submit Roster on DirectAthletics for Single-Meet ID - to complete 3 quick steps.
  • Teams will add the meet. Next, for both their Men's and Women's teams, they click the "Register" button and select the checkbox next to "Registered?", then scroll down to click "Submit Entries/Finish".

Step 3: Meet Directors - Upload Rosters to AthleticNET

  1. You can download the entry file, with the single-meet IDs, just like you would for any other meet.
    1. If you wish you can add TFFRS/DirectAthletics registration instructions to your AthleticNET meet page. Contact us at if you would like this feature enabled.
  2. Go to the AthleticNET Manage Meet page and click the "Entries" tab.
  3. Click "Import Entries".
  1. Click "Upload File" and upload the entry file you downloaded from DirectAthletics.
  1. Once the file is uploaded, click "Next"
  1. Match team names in the entry file with AthleticNET teams. Click here for more information on matching teams. When finished, click "Next".
  1. There is nothing to do on the Events tab. Click "Next".
  2. On the Athletes Tab
    1. A note states "This meet appears to be using registration IDs.". Make sure 'Direct Athletics Single-Use ID' is selected.
    2. Match athlete names in the entry file with AthleticNET athletes. Click here for more information on matching athletes. When finished, click "Next"
  3. Click "Update Rosters" on the Import Entries tab.
    1. You're all set! If you have more work to do, go back to the Participants tab and continue setting up or working on your meet.

Updating Single-Meet IDs

It is okay to upload a new entry file from Direct Athletics, at any time, if you need to update what you have already imported.

Easily Communicate with Teams on AthleticNET

Learn More on how to quickly email all teams regarding registration being open: Communicate with Teams

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