Creating a New Meet

If you know that a particular meet is going to take place, but you can't find it when trying to add it to your team's calendar, you can add it to's database of meets, even if you aren't the meet host. All you need to have is some basic information about when and where the meet is, and what kind of event it is.

You'll also need to complete the steps on this page if you're uploading results for a meet not currently listed on Once the meet is added to your team's calendar, you'll be able to upload results for it.
If you create a meet on to add to your calendar, remember that this meet is now publicly viewable by other teams. If you're unsure about date, location, or other important details about the meet, contact the meet host before creating the meet on

The first step is to try and find the meet on the master database. To do that, we'll start at your team's calendar. Navigate to your team's homepage by clicking on the Menu Icon () in the top left corner and then clicking on your team's name. Once you're on your team's homepage, click Add A Meet at the top of the calendar.

You'll be taken to the Find an Event screen. Click on Create New Event on the top-right of the screen.

Before the new event is created, will walk you through a quick double-check to make sure that your meet isn't already listed. Select the event type, and then select the date the meet will take place on, as well as the state and zip code. Check the list on the right hand side to make sure your meet isn't already there.

If you find your meet, click the name to expand it and add it to your team's calendar. Then see Add Yourself as Host/Add a Co-Host to get access to meet configuration.
If you are attempting to add a USATF Junior Olympic meet to your team's calendar, STOP. Only Junior Olympic meet hosts should create meets. If you don't see the Junior Olympic meet you're looking for, contact the meet host.

If you don't find your meet, Enter the name of the meet under Event Name and then click Next in the bottom right.

When naming the meet, use a complete title such as "Barlow vs Canby." Avoid incomplete titles such as "vs Canby," since these names will be viewable by the public and other teams who register for your meet.

On the next screen, you'll be prompted to add further details about the meet.

  1. Venue Location: Enter the venue name, address, city and zip code.
  2. Meet Website: If the meet has a separate website, paste the URL here.
  3. Meet Days: Enter the number of days the meet will run. If you're hosting a multi-day meet, see Creating a Multi-Day Meet.
  4. Start Times: Enter the start times of track events and field events, if you know them.
  5. Levels: Click the correct levels for athletes from whom you'd like to accept entries.
  6. Hosting: If you're hosting the meet, check this box. If you're just adding this meet to the calendar for informational purposes, leave the box unchecked so the meet host can claim the meet later.
  7. Add to Calendar: If you are affiliated with multiple teams, you'll see each team listed here. Select the correct team to add the meet to that team's calendar.

At the bottom right of the screen, you'll see either Add Event to Calendar or Continue to Meet Setup, depending on whether the My team is hosting box is checked. If you're adding a meet that's already taken place, there's no need to continue to check the My team is hosting box. Simply add the event to your team's calendar and then see Uploading Track & Field Results #1: Overview or Uploading Cross Country Results #1: Overview as necessary.

If you're hosting the meet, you might be interested in our series on Creating a Track & Field Meet or Creating a Cross Country Meet.

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