Creating a Cross Country Meet #3: Information

Creating a Cross Country Meet
 2. Templates
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4. Race Divisions 

Most of the information on the Meet Information was automatically filled out during Creating a Cross Country Meet #1: Introduction. However, this page is a place where the Meet Title, Meet Site, and Meet Contact can be changed. Most of these items are self-explanatory, but take note of the Entry Beginning and Entry Deadline fields below.

If your meet takes place over two or more non-consecutive days, see Creating a Multi-Day Meet.

Optionally, this is where a meet Website or Meet Video URL may be embedded. This is a fun feature typically used by large invitationals.

Team Site Supporters have the option to set Entry Beginning and Entry Deadline dates and times. These allow the meet host to define a window during which meet entries may be submitted using Entries may not be submitted before the Entry Beginning date (although coaches may use The Scratchpad). Likewise, entries may not be submitted or edited after the Entry Deadline date.

When all required fields are filled out, click Mark Complete to move to the next section, Creating a Cross Country Meet #4: Race Divisions. Clicking on Skip  will take you to the next section as well, but should only be used if you need to remind yourself to return to this section. Until all sections are marked complete, you will not be able to activate the meet and accept entries.

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